How to get there:
If you arrive by air at the Athens airport, you proceed to Rafina port by car, bus or cab – the drive is about 20 minutes and take a one hour ferry to Marmari port. From the port it is about 15 minutes to the Old Stone Cottage in Mekounida.


Southern Euboea is renowned for its wide variety of hiking trails through the foothills and gorges of Mt. Ochi (elevation 1,400m). The landscape varies from hidden green valleys with numerous streams and springs to rocky gorges filled with plane and chestnut trees sweeping down to the sea.



There are a wide variety of beaches around Karystos and extending along the western coast on the Gulf of Euboea and the east facing the Aegean. There are beaches with rollers and beaches with still water where you can walk out a quarter kilometre without the water rising past your knees.


There are hidden coves and quiet family run tavernas snuggled away down dirt roads leading to the sea. There are sandy beaches and pebble beaches and all the beaches have in common wonderfully crystal
clear sea.


In and around Karystos one can rent boats, cars, mopeds and bikes. Karystos has numerous tavernas and a small variety of local bars and a few clubs. The port is charming, with a variety of small ouzeries specializing in the local sea food which the fisherman catch each day.

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